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    The Guardian newspaper has published an exclusive extract from La Belle Sauvage, which we now know is the title for the first book in the Book of Dust trilogy. If you don't want any spoilers before you read the book, then turn around and don't read on!

    The book is named for the canoe which will seemingly play an important part in the story. In this extract, Lord Asriel is being pursued by enemies as he attempts to visit baby Lyra at Godstow Priory, the nunnery where Marisa Coulter left her. There is a restraining order on him, which means he can't be closer than 50 miles from his infant daughter, presumably after the murder of Edward Coulter. In order to get across the river Thames from the Trout Inn to the priory without being seen by the m…

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  • Amyosaurus

    The Collectors

    February 12, 2015 by Amyosaurus

    Hello, everyone!

    Today Felipe, the founder of the Brazilian Portuguese His Dark Materials wiki, informed me about the audiobook The Collectors. It's an audiobook written by Philip Pullman exclusively for Audible and is read by the award-winning actor Bill Nighy. I had to download it right away!

    It tells the story of two art collectors and two works of art which are inextricably linked. I'm sure you'll all recognise the blonde woman in the portrait and the monkey statue which seems to follow it.

    There's a preview of the audiobook available here:

    Have any of you listened to the full story yet? What did you think?

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