Tullio was a young man from Cittàgazze. He lived in the Torre degli Angeli until he lost Æsahættr in a fight with William Parry and was eventually attacked by Spectres.


Tullio lived in Cittàgazze with his younger sister Angelica and brother Paolo. When Tullio reached puberty, he became vulnerable to the Spectres which infested the city. He went to the Torre degli Angeli and stole Æsahættr from Giacomo Paradisi. As he was not the true bearer of the knife, he could not use it to cut windows between worlds, but it acted as a safeguard against the Spectres.

When he lost the knife in a fight with William Parry, he fled down into the streets, where he was surrounded by Spectres. He tried to keep them at bay by counting the bricks on the wall to distract his mind, but this failed and the Spectres attacked him.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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