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Torre degli Angeli
Location information

World of Cittàgazze




Guild of the Torre degli Angeli

Torre degli Angeli was a tower in Cittàgazze, home to a guild of the same name.


The Guild of philosophers who inhabited the tower created Æsahættr. They used the knife to cut into other worlds, each time unknowingly creating a Spectre. The Spectres invaded Cittàgazze and the tower, just like the town, was abandoned. The Subtle Knife, which repelled Spectres, was kept in the tower by Giacomo Paradisi.

Tullio, a teenage boy from Cittàgazze, took refuge in the tower. After William Parry came to the tower and became the new bearer of the Knife, it was no longer a safe haven from the Spectres.


Torre degli Angeli is Italian for 'tower of the angels'.


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