The Book of Dust

Philip Pullman

Publication information
  • David Fickling Books and Penguin Random House Children's (UK)
  • Random House Children’s (US) [1]

The Book of Dust is an upcoming trilogy of companion books to the His Dark Materials series. The first volume is La Belle Sauvage. Pullman describes it as an "equel' to the original series, rather than a prequel or sequel, standing beside the original books.[2]

Publication History

Pullman had originally said the book would probably be finished in 2015 and published the year after[3], but since announced that it was more likely for it to be published in late 2016.[4] In July 2016, he described the book as "now well on the way to a conclusion".[5] In December 2016, Pullman stated that the book would be released in the end of 2017, probably.[6] Pullman had also made an oath not to cut his hair until the completion of the book, a promise he somewhat regrets, although it may have spurred on progress.[7]

In February 2017, it was announced that the Book of Dust would be published in three volumes, two of which Pullman had completed at the time. The first two would centre on Lyra, the first set when she was a baby, ten years before the events of His Dark Materials in London and Oxford, and the second around a decade after the events of The Amber Spyglass with Lyra aged about 20. The third is thought to also take place around 10 years later.[2]

Pullman had previously said that the book "might be in two volumes", one taking place before Northern Lights and one after the events of Lyra's Oxford,[8] when Lyra is around 16.[9] The "big, big book"[10] will be "about Dust"[11] and will deal with some of the theological issues raised in the other books.[10] Pullman has also revealed that, although it is "not a prequel or sequel", it will be about Lyra at another stage in her life.[12]

After an auction to raise money for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, it was confirmed that Pullman will name a character in Volume 2 after Nur Huda El-Wahab, a victim of the fire.[13]


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