"Grumman? From the Berlin Academy? Reckless. I met him five years back over at the northern end of the Urals. I thought he was dead."
—Sam Cansino's recollection of Stanislaus Grumman[src]

Sam Cansino was a Texan fur trader and an old acquaintance of the aeronaut Lee Scoresby. While at the Samirsky Hotel in 1997, just after Lord Asriel built the bridge to the other worlds, he told Lee about what he'd heard of Stanislaus Grumman. He had met Grumman sometime in 1992, but thought he had died sometime.[1]

Sam Cansino was described as having a black beard and being a fur trader whom Lee was acquainted with.


Notes and references

  1. The Subtle Knife, Chapter 6

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