Salcilia was Roger Parslow's dæmon. When she died, she had not yet settled.


Salcilia was easily frightened. She was really scared when Lyra and Roger switched the coins with the dæmons' images in the crypts of Jordan College. When the pater of Jordan caught the two friends coming out of the crypts, she was scared then, too.


Salcilia never reached the age at which she would have settled. She usually took the form of a terrier but was also seen as a fly, moth, sparrow, mouse, cat, ferret or butterfly.



Roger and Lyra on the roof of Jordan College

Lyra and Pantalaimon play with Roger and Salcilia on the roof of Jordan College.

As Roger and Lyra Silvertongue were best friends, Salcilia and Pantalaimon were also close. They touched noses or rubbed against each other on several occasions.

Behind the scenes


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Notes and references

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