Raymond: "Beg pardon, Lord Faa. There's landloper kids as well as gyptians been taken captive. Are you saying we should rescue them as well?"
Lord Faa: "Raymond, are you saying we should fight our way through every kind of danger to a little group of frightened children, and then say to some of them that they can come home, and to the rest that they have to stay? No, you're a better man than that."
— Raymond's question and the answer from Lord Faa[src]

Raymond van Gerrit was a gyptian who attended the byanroping at the Zaal to discuss the abduction of gyptian children at the hands of those known as "gobblers." He spoke up and asked Lord Faa if, when rescuing their own children, they would also be rescuing the non-gyptians as well.[1]

At the next gathering three days later, he asked to know why they did not just give up the the landloper child the authorities were looking for, rather than trouble themselves with protecting her.[2]


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