Paolo was a young boy who lived in Cittàgazze.


Paolo and his older sister Angelica lived in Cittàgazze with their parents. When Lord Asriel ripped an enormous hole in the heavens, the city was filled with fog and the family fled to the hills. After the fog cleared, the city was filled with spectres. The children returned to Cittàgazze while their parents remained in the hills.[1]

Paolo and his sister were the first people Lyra Silvertongue and William Parry met in the world of Cittàgazze. Paolo accidentally revealed the existence of his older brother, Tullio, to the two outsider children.[1]

When Tullio was attacked by the spectres, Paolo and Angelica tried to save him but there was nothing they could do.[2] Paolo and Angelica rallied the other children to attack Lyra and Will, chasing them to the temple. The mob was eventually stopped by Serafina Pekkala and other witches.[3]

Later, Paolo and Angelica gave information about Mary Malone, Will and Lyra to Father Gomez.[4]



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