Pantalaimon, also known as Pan, was Lyra Silvertongue's dæmon. After separating from Lyra when she entered the Land of the dead, they were able to travel long distances from each other. Pantalaimon settled as a pine marten after William Parry, who was in love with Lyra, touched him.



Pantalaimon was unable to enter the Land of the Dead and so Lyra left him on the jetty in the Suburbs of the Dead. Their separation in this manner caused both human and dæmon great pain, but led to them being able to travel long distances from each other. He spent time travelling with Will's newly-physical dæmon. They entered many windows, travelling the many worlds of the multiverse.

Reunited with Lyra

After Pan and Will's dæmon were saved from death at the hands of spectres, Lyra and Will accidentally grabbed each other's daemons before escaping into the world of the mulefa. Eventually, as directed by Serafina Pekkala, Pan and the newly-named Kirjava returned to their humans.


Lyra and Will touched each other's dæmons. Instead of the repulsion normally felt by one whose dæmon is touched by another, they felt exhilaration and joy. This led both to settle, and Pantalaimon took the form of a pine marten.


Settled form

"Pantalaimon was now an animal whose name he couldn't find: like a large and powerful ferret, red-gold in colour, lithe and sinuous and full of grace."
—Pantalaimon settles[src]

Pantalaimon's settled form was a pine marten with red-gold fur.

Other forms

When Pantalaimon was young, his favourite form was that of a white-furred ermine. He often took this form while sleeping, curling up around Lyra's neck.

Before settling, Pantalaimon took different forms for practical reasons, becoming a bat or an owl in order to see when Lyra could not, a mouse to slip through small holes, or a firefly to produce light so Lyra could read the alethiometer.

Pantalaimon's form often represented his mood. When he was frightened, he became a mouse and sometimes hid in Lyra's pocket. When Lyra left him on the jetty in the Suburbs of the Dead, Pantalaimon became a sad-looking puppy.

He also enjoyed trying different forms in new environments. When sailing north with the gyptians, Pantalaimon became a dolphin and swam in the sea.[1] Once arrived there, he played in the snow as an Arctic fox.

When meeting new dæmons, Pantalaimon sometimes imitated their forms. He became a cat in imitation of Sophonax.

When fighting, Pantalaimon changed forms extremely quickly. He was also seen becoming a dragon.


Lyra Silvertongue: "You're a coward, Pan."
Pantalaimon: "Certainly I am."
— Lyra and Pantalaimon discuss the latter's personality[src]

Unlike his human counterpart, Pantalaimon was wary and even cowardly. He often acted to restrain Lyra's rashness and lack of restraint. He tried to keep her from situations which frightened him, such as the discovery of Tony Makarios, but his efforts were in vain.



Pantalaimon and Kirjava were very close, having spent a long time together travelling between worlds after they were separated from their humans in the world of the dead.

Marisa Coulter's dæmon

When Lyra disobeyed Marisa Coulter, her dæmon grabbed Pantalaimon and hurt him until Lyra bent to her will. From this moment, Pantalaimon hated the golden monkey.


Notes and references

  1. Northern Lights, Chapter 10

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