Once Upon a Time in the North
Once Upon a Time in the North

Philip Pullman


John Lawrence

Publication information
Release date

  • 3 April 2008 (UK)
  • 8 April 2008 (USA)
Followed by

Northern Lights

Once Upon a Time in the North is a fantasy short story by Philip Pullman published on 3 April 2008 in the United Kingdom. It is a prequel to the His Dark Materials series.

Plot summary

On 14 April, Lee Scoresby, a 24-year-old aëronaut, and his dæmon Hester land in the town of Novy Odense, a harbour town on an island in the White Sea belonging to Muscovy, looking for work.

Scoresby stays at a boarding house where he meets Victoria Lund and helps her with a matter of honour. The next day, Scoresby meets H. van Breda, a captain whose cargo is being held by Larsen Manganese. With the help of Iorek Byrnison, Scoresby defeats the men in the warehouse, including an old enemy, Pierre McConville. Lund and her now fiancé Lieutenant Haugland assist Scoresby and Byrnison in their escape.


As well as the short story, the book includes a few extras:

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