Olga Poliakova was the daughter of the politician Ivan Dimitrovich Poliakov. Her dæmon had the form of a mouse.


Poliakova was born around 1944. As she reached puberty, her dæmon settled into the form of a mouse.[1]

Ivan Dimitrovich Poliakov

Olga's father, Ivan Dimitrovich Poliakov, making his speech.

On 14 April 1962, Poliakova attended a politcal rally in the Novy Odense town hall. Here she met Lee Scoresby and sat next to him as her father, Ivan Dimitrovich Poliakov, made his speech.[1]

Physical appearanceEdit

Olga Poliakova had a heart-shaped face, large, black eyes and dark, curly hair. Her cheeks were rosy.[1]


"What did it it matter if she had the brain of a grape?"
Lee Scoresby considers Poliakova's traits[src]

Poliakova was notably dim-witted.[1]


Ivan Dimitrovich PoliakovEdit

"He stole a glance at Olga, and saw her settled, placid, adoring gaze rest on her father's face without any change of expression, even when the candidate suddenly banged the lectern with his fist"
Lee Scoresby's obversations of Olga[src]

Olga and her father were close. Lee Scoresby noted that she looked adoringly upon his as he made his speech at the Novy Odense town hall.[1]