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The mulefa world was one of numerous parallel universes in the multiverse.



The mulefa take Mary Malone to their village.

Many of animals in the mulefa world evolved in a radically different way to those of Lyra's or Will's world. These animals did not have spines, instead having a skeleton based on a diamond-shaped frame with a leg at each corner.[1] However, there were also vertebrates in this world, such as snakes.[2]

The fauna known to inhabit this world were:


Mary in mulefa world

Mary Malone walks among the wheel-trees.

There was a large prairie in the mulefa world composed largely of knee-high grasses. There were also small bushes like juniper and flowers similar to the poppies, buttercups, and cornflowers in Will's world.[1]

The most important plants in the mulefa world were the wheel-trees. There was a symbiotic relationship between the mulefa and the wheel-trees. The mulefa used the seed-pods as wheels, which over time wore them down so they could open and the seeds could be planted. The wheel-tree oil gave the mulefa consciousness.[4]


The terrain of the mulefa world was covered in so-called basalt highways. The mineral composition of these lava-flows allowed them to flow for long distances across the savannah, and also made them resistant to weathering.[3]


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