"I see the Master as a man having terrible choices to make; whatever he chooses will do harm, but maybe if he does the right thing, a little less harm will come about than if he chooses wrong."
John Faa[src]

This man had the position of Master of Jordan College. His dæmon had the form of a raven.


The Master attempted to dispose of Lord Asriel by poisoning a decanter of Tokay which Asriel was to drink.[1] He sat next to the Librarian when Asriel made his presentation and unsuccessfully attempted to argue against funding the Lord's next expedition.[2]

He later gave the alethiometer to Lyra Silvertongue, warning her to keep it a secret from Marisa Coulter.[3]

Abilities and skills



Charles, the Librarian at Jordan College was an old friend. The Master confided in him about his plan to murder Lord Asriel.[2]


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