Marisa Coulter's cocktail party was an event she held in her flat in London. Lyra Silvertongue had the impression that it was a celebration, though she did not know the occasion.

Much of the conversation had was about the General Oblation Board. In a conversation with Professor Docker, Lyra learned that Mrs Coulter was its founder. A journalist called Adèle Starminster attended the party uninvited, asking questions about the Board to Lyra. When Mrs Coulter discovered the intrusion, she confronted the journalist. There was a metallic smell in the air as she spoke, and both Adèle and her butterfly dæmon looked weak.

During the party, Marisa Coulter's dæmon sneaked into Lyra's bedroom and discovered the alethiometer that the girl had been keeping in her bag. This, together with the discovery that Mrs Coulter was the leader of the Gobblers and that Lord Asriel was being held by the Panserbjørne led Lyra to run away.[1]



Notes and references

  1. Northern Lights, Chapter 5

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