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Marisa Coulter
Biographical information

35 (1962 — 1997)


Fell into the Abyss

Also known as
Physical information
Species Human


Hair colour


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Family information
Family members

Dæmon (settled as a golden lion tamarin)


Head of the G.O.B.


Marisa Coulter (1962–1997) was the head of the General Oblation Board and a long-time agent of the Church before she defected. Her dæmon was a golden lion tamarin[1] whose name is unknown to us. Her daughter was Lyra Silvertongue.


Early lifeEdit

Coulter was born in 1962. When she reached puberty, her dæmon settled as a golden monkey. She attended St Sophia's College. She wrote an academic work named The Bronze Clocks of Benin.[2]

Affair with Lord AsrielEdit

Mrs Coulter was married to a politician named Edward Coulter, but had an affair with Lord Asriel which resulted in a baby girl; a girl who would be named Lyra Belacqua. Her husband found out about the affair after Lyra was born, and was killed by Lord Asriel in a duel. The child was then given by Lord Asriel to the scholars at Jordan College to raise.[3]

Reunited with LyraEdit

In 1995, Mrs Coulter arrived at Jordan College where she met her daughter Lyra. Mrs Coulter invited Lyra to come and live with her, and the girl happily agreed, unaware that Mrs Coulter was her mother.[4]

6 weeks later, when Mrs Coulter demanded complete obedience from her daughter, Lyra ran away.[5]


Some weeks later, Mrs Coulter visted Bolvangar, the experimental station of the General Oblation Board which she founded. She saved Lyra and Pantalaimon from the intercision which was about to be performed on them.

Physical appearanceEdit

Marisa Coulter had short black hair and black eyes.

Behind the scenesEdit



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