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Luis Gomez
Biographical information
Also known as
  • Father Gomez
  • Father
Physical information
Species Human



Unnamed (settled as a green-backed beetle)

Native world

Lyra's world


Member of the Consistorial Court of Discipline, Assassin


Father Luis Gomez was the youngest of the twelve members of the Consistorial Court of Discipline. His dæmon was an iridescent green-backed beetle. He was sent by the Magisterium to kill Lyra Silvertongue or Mary Malone before the prophecy of the witches coud be fulfilled; but before he could complete this mission, Balthamos killed him both by separating him from his beetle dæmon and by pushing his head underwater, drowning him. Seconds later, Balthamos died from multiple bites from Gomez's beetle dæmon.

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