Jacob Huismans was a young Gyptian man whose dæmon took the form of a ferret. Jacob was one man who accompanied Benjamin de Ruyter, whose assignment from the gyptian Lord John Faa was to spy and gather information on the Gobblers before the gyptians set sail for the North.


Jacob was gravely injured when he returned to the gyptians in the fens. Before his death, he relayed that Benjamin had been killed and Gerard Hook had been captured. Before that incident, the group had captured some Gobblers in Clerkenwell and got information about the children being taken North to Lapland, and that the Ministry of Theology had been the Gobblers' headquarters. It was during their attempted break in to the Ministry at White Hall when Jacob was shot with an arrow that hit so deep, only six inches was protruding from his shoulder.

Jacob passed away not long after relaying his story to Farder Coram.[1] Jacob's death was the first real prediction that Lyra Silvertongue read using the alethiometer.



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