Lyra Belacqua portrayed by Dakota Blue Richards

Lyra Silvertongue, a young, female human.

The human was a sentient species known to inhabit many worlds in the multiverse. They were the dominant species in Will's and Lyra's worlds, the world of Cittàgazze and the Gallivespian world.


The human being was made up of three parts: the body, the soul (or dæmon) and the ghost.


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In Lyra's world, a human's soul had a physical manifestation called a dæmon. The dæmon had the appearance of an animal. The dæmons of children could change their form at will, until the child reached puberty and the dæmon settled on a final form which reflected their personality. When a human died, their dæmon disappeared, becoming one with the universe. It was believed that in other worlds, where the dæmon was not visible, that the dæmon was inside the human as their soul.


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The ghost of a human was also known as the spirit. When a human died, their death came to them and took the ghost to the world of the dead. After taking the ferry to the land of the dead, the ghosts were guided by the harpies to a window to the mulefa world where they became one with the universe.

It has been known for a human ghost to become an angel.



Humans in many worlds worshipped The Autority, knowing him by various names such as God or Yahweh. Organisations like the Church worked to continue The Authority's oppression.

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