Lee Scoresby: "Finding out that you're an Arctic hare - that's surprising. Damn, I was surprised."
Hester: "Surprised? Why the hell were you surprised? I ain't surprised. Iorek's right. I always knew I had more class than a rabbit."
— Lee and Hester discuss the revelation that she isn't a jackrabbit[src]

Hester was Lee Scoresby's dæmon, who took the form of an Arctic hare. She spoke with a strong Texan accent. Her role as a witty and sometimes sarcastic companion to aëronaut Lee Scoresby added to his character.



When Hester and Lee were young, they used to play at re-enacting the battle of the Alamo with their friends.[1]

Hester and Pierre McConville's dæmon

Hester fights Pierre McConville's dæmon.

On 15 April 1962, Hester fought with the dæmon of Pierre McConville, dragging her away from her human so that Lee was able to shoot the assassin.[2]

Fight against the General Oblation Board

File:2007 his dark materials golden compass 008.jpg

At Trollesund, Lee and Hester and their old friend Iorek Byrnison joined the Gyptian mission to Bolvangar to save the children from the General Oblation Board as Lyra Silvertongue set off the fire alarm at Bolvangar.


Settled form

Hester's settled form was an Arctic hare. Her fur was grey-brown. Her eyes were gold-hazel flecked with peat-brown and forest-green.[1] As a hare, she had strong hearing which saved Lee's life on more than one occasion. She was sure-footed when climbing, with Lee following her example of where to step.

Other forms

When playing at re-enacting the battle of the Alamo with her friends as a child, Hester took the form of a cougar, a wolf and sometimes a rattlesnake, but most often she was a mockingbird.[1]


Hester did not often show her emotions, leaving Lee shocked when she cried after he was shot, blaming herself for the events.[1]


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Notes and references

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