Dame Hannah Relf was the head of St Sophia's College. Her dæmon had the form of a marmoset.[1]


Hannah Relf was a member of a research group consisting of seven scholars studying the layers of meaning to the symbols of alethiometers in Oxford. Two years before the flood of 1986, she was recruited by George Papadimitriou to work for the agency of Oakley Street, taking some of her time with the Bodleian alethiometer to answer questions for the secret service.

She befriended Malcolm Polstead and informally recruited him to report on anything unusual he observed during the changes in Oxford at the time.

Hannah first met Lyra Silvertongue before dinner in the Master's lodging at Jordan College, which she attended with Marisa Coulter, a member of St Sophia's.[2]

Some time later they met again in the same dining room, and Hannah proposed that Lyra become a pupil at St Sophia's School.[3]

Physical appearance

Hannah Relf was an elderly lady who had grey hair.[1]

Abilities and skills

  • Alethiometrist: Hannah was considered to be one of the best scholars in the field of alethiometry.[3]


Notes and references

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