For the His Dark Materials Wiki to remain uniform, orderly, and cohesive, there must first and foremost be certain stylistic ground rules articles must adhere to. For information on basic article editing techniques and protocols, see Wikipedia's Manual of Style.

Layout structure

All articles on characters, locations, organizations, and other elements of the His Dark Materials multiverse should follow a uniform layout and style, as demonstrated below.

  • Main article: This is where the bulk of the information goes. This section should always be from an in-universe, past tense perspective, unless the article deals with a specifically out-of-universe topic.
  • Stub message: Stub templates should be placed at the end of the main article.
  • Behind the scenes: This is an out-of-universe section designed to add out-of-universe commentary on in-universe topics.
  • Appearances: In this section, the book or supplement that the subject of the article appears in should be referenced.
  • See also: For linking to related articles.
  • External links: For linking to off-site related pages.
  • Category: Category tags go at the bottom of the page.

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