The Angel is a being composed purely of Dust. Though corporeal in appearance angels' physical influence on the world is limited. Higher-ranking angels are easier to see in daylight. These are large winged creatures, human-like in form, but whose bodies are made of light not flesh. Angels are ancient and immortal beings whose true form is composed of intelligence and feeling, since they are structures of Dust.

There exist two groups of angels: ones faithful to The Authority and those who rebelled under Xaphania. Metatron is one such angel loyal to The Authority and leads The Authority's forces after being declared the Lord Regent. Two rebel angels, Balthamos and Baruch, aid Will Parry at various times.

Angels can be either humans who became angels, or simply angels. They are termed bene elim or "Watchers". The most important angels are always visible, but less important angels can be seen only in the night. Angels are able to see and pass through the invisible windows between the worlds. They have the power to modify nature; angels altered the course of all evolution to create biological species to become rivals against the Authority. It also shows implications concerning the angels' view of biological sentient lifeforms.

Notable Angels

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